Megyn Kelly Presents: A Response to ”Bombshell” Preview

9 Jan 2020
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I have no connection to the movie “Bombshell,” other than I lived it. I did not produce, consult on, or have anything to do with the film. Neither I nor the women I watched it with sold the rights to our stories (or in my case, my book), so it was somewhat jarring to see a version of our experiences told by strangers.
I watched the movie with some of my friends who, like me, were sexually harassed while at Fox News. We talked about it afterward in what proved to be an emotional, raw, revealing discussion of what the filmmakers got right, wrong, and what really happened to us those years ago.

The full video hits today, right here, at 4pm.

  • Then they show their legs, Tit’s, then when a nice guy ask you out you shun them I don’t feel bad for these women no one’s forcing you to do it you do have brains in those head don’t you lol 😂

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  • Just watched it. Wow! Roger Ailes really was a Harvey Weinstein level piece of sh*t. I always figured something must be "off" at Fox news when I saw all the mini dresses and leg shots from the women there. Now it makes sense: A major league perv running the show.

    Two but Not TwoTwo but Not TwoMuaj më parë
  • didnt the guy die the year after he was booted. yet he was still banging away in the movie. lol. yes he probably did questionable things. i doubt in the years before he was booted. whether megyn was really a 'victim" of him is debatable. looked more that when she saw he was going down she grabbed the nearest hatchet and ran in for the kill for bonus points. sorry i dont have a very high opinion of you or that movie. although john lithgow was excellent in it. what actually was the allegations by the carlson woman? it was sealed after settlement. so was she in it for the truth or the money. the money.

    Axeman FinkAxeman FinkMuaj më parë
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  • The Fox Noose is strangling america. For two decades. Gasping for breath devoid of oxygen to the brain a delusional population voted trump in. The Fox Noose is a terror network.

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  • The price of the soul...

    SavingGraceTVSavingGraceTV2 muaj më parë

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  • Oh please , you twirled and probably more and got the job then you let your mouth get tooo big ........Its called " You played yourself " !!!!

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  • Propaganda is difficult

  • my sister faced harassment in her broadcasting career --it's really sad, why these men do it I will never understand

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  • #BillClinton #HarveyWeinstein #BillCosby #MattLauer #DONALDTRUMP #CharlieRose #RogerAiles #BillOReilly BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!!! Disgusting monsters!!

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  • Who is the audio editor???

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  • Thanks, Megyn. You are doing our work bravely. This is our culture and everyone is a participant in causing, tolerating, enabling, defending and willfully ignoring the good, the bad, the ugly in it. Part of that culture is scape-goating: We punish the victims most, next the perpetrators and usually pretend that everyone else is innocent. The reality is that the majority of witnesses and silent by-standers hold the power in every culture. When the public says "we will no longer spend money to support XXX and will no longer tolerate it, it stops." Yet part of our culture is the meme of "I didn't do it," so I want to be invisible. The real power is in the majority who stands by and does not require dignity to be modeled by parents, teachers, leaders and the curriculum. We raise chauvinistic men and women in this cult- and blaming those who take the hardest hits for being seen is a bandaid on the wound. What's less understood is that men who abuse women have decimated levels of self-esteem. It's not powerful to demean someone. It takes a demeaned person to transmit the emotional disease they have been given. In our cult the women who come forward will be questioned, attacked and punished. If they prove their case, so will some of the men. And the culture that produces men who violate and women who don't know how to respond effectively to that violation rolls out another violation with immunity. Everyone who is silent is complicit. It's one reason victims are more angry at the bystanders who refuse to have their back: It's not that the bystander is more complicit than the perpetrator, it is that they are pretending it has nothing to do with them - a pretense that is a lie.

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  • I think most women have a self confidence problem! Parents should encourage confidence in girls starting from early childhood!

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  • 1:29 'He walked away with a ka-jillion dollars and I lost my house!'

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  • I applaud their honesty. Very inspiring

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  • Wow

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  • Dang, I watched Bombshell first before knowing anything about that this is real, and Damn! Charlize got her voice and also her face. Dangggg

    DaraSaraRegDaraSaraReg5 muaj më parë
  • F U Megan .... You are unbelievable lame and dumb Hippocratic. .!.

    Christopher ConnollyChristopher Connolly5 muaj më parë
  • “I did the spin” Dummy

    GroundUpProductGroundUpProduct5 muaj më parë
  • ...Wow...that's messed up. So sorry these women had to go through this (and still are going through it)...

    CluelessBeekeepingCluelessBeekeeping5 muaj më parë
  • "Oh my God, BELIEVE ALL WOMEN!"

    Ms. Lovett OfficialMs. Lovett Official5 muaj më parë
  • I just watched the movie. I couldn't stop laughing at the obvious hate towards Fox News. 1. There are no Characters with "Individual" personalities: every single one of them represents an ideology that clearly stemmed out of Hollywood's leftism. 2. Made-up characters and storylines are conflated with factual events to make the whole thing look like a documentary, where it's more like a commentary. 3. WORSE things have happened at MSNBC, NBC, and CNN. No outrage there and no film made about it. Of course, when It comes from "our side", you have to keep quiet. 4. The biggest issue I have is this dizzying effort to try to make the victims look like strong, independent, wise and resilient women, yet simultaneously make them come across as poor, emontional and defenseless victims whom no one wants to believe. So according to this film, women are all virtue and no blame, ever: they hate the fact that they are in one of the most competitive work environments out there, and wish everyone would simply roll over or move to the sides and let them through because they are female and ignore everything else.

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  • #lovefromkathmandu ❤️😎

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  • Jones Day best lawyers are all elsewhere like you. Wonderful resource in James Hughes. Felt after viewing Bombshell that it was Hollywood's mea culpa #Me2 with a bonus of disparaging Roger Ailes who was a master marketer of ordinary so that it became great.

    Neil CampbellNeil Campbell6 muaj më parë
  • Experienced sexual harassment in the dental field. Not a fun thing to go through.

    QuietEyesQuietEyes6 muaj më parë
  • full respect to Megyn and Charlize. Both are brilliant people with huge personality and - in spite of all noise in Hollywood and media - integrity. deep bow! If was an American I would vote for them to be elected as president and Vice President of USA. They will decide who will be whom.

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  • A large part of her audience watches solely because she's a hot blonde. Looks=ratings. Many viewers dont know or care about her qualifications. If she had been ugly she would have probably never got a show at all! In 2020 sex still sells more than a law degree. Whether that's morally right or not, blame the audience for that. Not to defend anything Ailes did- all im saying is that you shouldn't expect to get a tv show without having your appearance scrutinized.

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  • Gretchen is the real deal. Kelly not so much. A pompous ass

    James RitzJames Ritz6 muaj më parë
  • Most of the scumbag, bank bought, vote farming, Democrooks, are way worse. Fuck CNN, DNCNBC & all other greedy globalist profiteering traitors!

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  • Bravo Megyn! You did the right thing!!

    Moshe KalzadilaMoshe Kalzadila6 muaj më parë
  • Megyn, you rock!! I miss watching your show on NBC every morning. So happy that I found out that you have a ALworld channel!! You’re an inspiration ❤️

    Regina QueirozRegina Queiroz6 muaj më parë
  • Good thing fighting back

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  • ONOEZ! You did a twirl and got rich as a consequence?! THE HORROR!!!!!!111

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  • Fuck you Megyn you were one evil piece of shit on Fox News. You worked for a bigger piece of shit than you are what do you expect would happen? Decency?

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  • Bombshell bombed at the box office

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  • Eres una gran profesionista y reportera, pero sobre todo eres una gran mujer, y que, a pesar de los baches en el camino, sigue adelante con el excelente trabajo que realizas. Enhorabuena.

    Sam DanSam Dan7 muaj më parë